Why are Puppies Born With Their Eyes Closed?

why are puppies born with their eyes closed

Puppies, like many other mammals, are born with their eyes closed. This is a common feature among species that have a prolonged period of development and nurturing before they are able to survive on their own. In the case of puppies, their eyes remain closed for the first several weeks of their lives, as they rely on their sense of smell and touch to navigate and orient themselves in their environment.

It’s all about eye protection

One of the main reasons that puppies are born with their eyes closed is to protect them from potential harm and injury. The delicate tissue and structure of a puppy’s eyes are not fully developed at birth and can be easily damaged by bright light or rough handling. By keeping their eyes closed, puppies are able to avoid exposure to harmful stimuli, which can help to ensure their continued development and good health.

Another reason that puppies are born with their eyes closed is to promote proper development of their visual system. During the first few weeks of life, puppies are not able to see very well and rely on their other senses to explore and understand their environment. However, this period of blindness is critical for the development of their eyes and visual pathways, as the brain receives important visual stimuli that it uses to build a neural map of the world.

Puppies are born with a thin layer of skin covering their eyes, called the nictitating membrane. This membrane gradually begins to thin as the puppy grows, allowing more light to reach their eyes and increasing their ability to see. By the time the nictitating membrane is completely gone, the puppy’s eyes should be fully developed and they should be able to see clearly.

Bonding with the mother and littermates

In addition to protecting their eyes and promoting proper visual development, being born with closed eyes also helps puppies to bond with their mother and littermates. During the first few weeks of life, puppies rely heavily on their sense of smell and touch to find their mother’s nipples and nurse. This close physical contact helps to build a strong bond between the puppies and their mother, which is critical for their survival and wellbeing.

It’s also important to note that while puppies are born with their eyes closed, they are not completely blind. They have the ability to sense light and dark and can detect movement, which allows them to respond to stimuli and begin to build their understanding of the world.

The Bottom Line:

Puppies are born with their eyes closed for several reasons, including protection from potential harm and injury, promotion of proper visual development, and building of strong bonds with their mother and littermates. While they may be temporarily blind, their other senses are highly developed and allow them to navigate and understand their environment until their eyes fully mature. As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to understand the unique developmental needs of puppies and provide them with the support and care they need to thrive.